Mum addicted to KFC drops 10st after getting mistaken for being pregnant

A mother who ate so much junk food people mistook her for being nine months pregnant looks transformed after dropping over 10 stone.

Nicole Annetts, 32, of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, was addicted to fast food with KFC her favourite and ate takeaways almost every day.

Her self-esteem was at an all-time low when she hit 19 stone nine pounds (125kg), her heaviest weight, and had to wear size 24 clothes.

Since the weight was an obstacle to getting pregnant for real, Ms Annetts had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in September.

She is now happier and healthier than ever after dropping eight dress sizes and losing 10 stone one pound (64kg).

She now looks unrecognisable at nine stone eight pounds (61kg), size 8-10 frame.

Ms Annetts has also completely changed her diet since losing the weight.

Ms Annetts, who works as a content and social media coordinator, said: “I was definitely a junk food addict. KFC was my kryptonite.

“I think I’d have KFC about twice a week, and then other takeaways a couple of times a week too. Chicken pad Thai was and still is one of my favourites.”

She added: “I didn’t seem to have an off switch. I couldn’t just order a small burger and chips, and I’d have to have two burgers, chips, nuggets, ice cream and a drink.”

Ms Annetts was also diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in 2018, which means her unhealthy diet left her looking very bloated.

“I took photographs to show my friends and it honestly looked like I was nine months pregnant”, she said.

“I even had a worker at the supermarket ask if I was pregnant before, and I recently shared one of my ‘before’ photos online and had someone asking if I was pregnant in that photo.”

Ms Annetts said her weight was also an obstacle to getting pregnant and she was in a hurry given her age.

After receiving medical advice she had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in September 2020.

“Deciding to have surgery was firstly for my fertility”, she said.

“I kind of thought that yes I could probably try again to lose weight on my own but I knew it would take at least five years.

“But I’m getting older and we do want another child. I knew I didn’t have much time.”

Ms Annetts has dropped her fast food addiction for a healthy high protein, low carb, low fat and low sugar diet.

She also has more energy and exercises for half an hour nearly every day focusing on a blend of cardio and weight training.

She said: “I feel amazing now that the weight has gone. I am honestly like a new person.

“I have so much more self-confidence, I now love myself enough to take care of myself both mentally and physically.”

Before Diet
Breakfast: Bacon, sausage, baked beans, creamy scrambled eggs, toast and hash browns.

Mid-morning Snack: Lunchbox size packet of lightly salted smiths potato chips.

Lunch: KFC Ultimate Box (burger, fried chicken, chips, potato and gravy, with a drink).

Afternoon snack: Cheese, dip and crackers.

Dinner: Pizza and wine.

After Diet
Breakfast: A protein shake or scrambled eggs.

Mid-morning Snack: a quest protein cookie if I am craving something sweet (not every day).

Lunch: Leftovers which is usually a slow cooker meal of meat and veggies or chicken and veggie frittata.

Dinner: Meat or fish with salad or veggies or a low-carb, low-fat, high protein slow cooker meal.

Daily: 2.4 litres of water.