Woman almost loses nose and lip catching flesh eating bug from botched filler

A woman says she almost lost her nose after it was injected with a beauty filler.

It is believed the treatment left Leah Morton with a blocked blood vessel which turned the tip of her nose black.

Now the bank worker wants to warn others about the potential dangers of the procedure.

She said: “I have had filler before in my lips, but I decided I wanted to get the treatment done to my nose because I have always hated the shape of my nose.

“I wasn’t told of any risks or repercussions, it was just injected straight into my nose.

“I went home and that evening I felt so much pain and pressure on my nose.

“The next day I checked my face in the mirror and the tip of my nose was pure white and ice cold to touch.

“I messaged the lady who did it for me the next day to see if this was normal and she told me she wasn’t worried about it at all and it looked fine.

“But she said that if I was that worried that I could go and see her friend, who she said was a nurse, and she would dissolve it for me as she was away.”

Leah says she was in excruciating pain while the filler was being dissolved.

And days later white blisters developed around the area, which later turned black.

She visited A&E and medics diagnosed necrosis, a condition in which tissue dies because of a lack of blood supply.

“They took a thermal image of my nose and the tip and down towards my lip was completely white meaning it was ice cold and no blood was getting to it” said Leah, 26, from Liverpool.

“They said that they were really worried that I was going to lose the tip of my nose and my top lip if we didn’t act fast.

“It felt like I was living through a nightmare. I was absolutely terrified.

“I am a young girl, I couldn’t imagine losing my nose and lip.”

Leah, who has not named the salon where she had the procedure in April, received medication and has been having hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Her condition has improved and he says she is over the worst.

But she but fears she will be permanently scarred.

“I am usually a really confident girl but I haven’t wanted to leave my house.

“My anxiety has been through the roof and I have been so stressed about everything. It has been unbearable.

I would never get filler in my nose ever again. It is just not worth the risk.”